Clinical and Biological Study

Histological evaluation of the ASAND Pearls powder prophylaxis powder was made. 

Clinical study of the use of the ASAND Pearls prophylaxis powder using spray-dispensing apparatus to remove stain, plaque and tartar was made.

In this study the plaque, the stain and the tartar removal capacities have been investigated, in patients with a healthy and inflamed gingival, over a period of one year.

The influence of the cleaning powder (Calcium Carbonate) on the gingival tissues has been in particular studied on six males subjects, measuring biological parameters of the gingival and the gingival fluid.

The measurement was taken before treatment, right after treatment and 48 hours after treatment.

The clinical results show that the plaque, stain and tartar are removed easily and significantly, without any visible damage during and after the treatment. Neither we cannot observe any damage to the enamel and denting on electron microscopic pictures.

All patients show no bleeding, no tumefaction or significant sign of irritation of the gum.

The pH value of gingival fluid before treatment is acid, right after treatment is basic and neutral 48 hours after. This demonstrates the healing effect of the application of calcium Carbonate.

This was also attested by the periodontal probe measurment.

Also the observation indicated that the Calcium Carbonate act as scaffold for bone formation and provided histocompatible healing of periodontal tissues in this kind of therapy.